Sunday, 17 August 2008

Saturday with Sarah(K)!

My mate Sarah(K) came over for the afternoon (and evening). We had a really great time, bouncing ideas off each other, chatting, eating, laughing - oh and making cards of course!
I really love these "secret message" cards and think I'll make some more today. Tilda had to appear somewhere - I just lurve this little girl, but I do have to give her a mouth - maybe something to do with my "proper" job, do you think?


Wendy Horrod said...

These cards are fab! I may have to pinch the idea if that is ok!

Wendy xxx

Sarah K said...

THANXS for a fab afternoon and eveing and we actually done crafting and spent no money for a change, even better. June was the perfect hostess and looked after me very well, I shall go again if Im invited.....And helped to add the finising touches to my cards

Kim said...

I too love these cards, watch it though they are addictive though I gather you are

Mrs Wonka said...

These are great! I love them

Justine said...

I love these June, sounds like you had a great day!!