Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Just a Few Quickies

My daughter's friend Craig is 16 tomorrow - he's the last of the gang to reach this age - I just wish she'd given me just a little more notice...

The burgundy one is for one of the leaders of my daughter's dancing group - Guardsman. I just lurve this colour (you'd never tell if you came to my house...).

The third is for my new beautiful niece Lauren - I'm going to be spending the day with her and her big sister Freya on Thursday and I'm soo excited!

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Beryl (bik59) said...

Thanks for your comments about my cards. Your work is very classy looking I love the wedding shoe in the box. You are soooooooooooo lucky living near Crafts u Love and The Glitter Pot, they are two of my fav online stores. Here in Shetland we now have a couple of stores starting to keep craft goodies, mostly the essentials DST and the like, which makes it a bit easier on the pocket, cos going online just to get some DST leads to all sorts of extra stuff dropping into my basket that I didn't even know I needed. Beryl x