Saturday, 19 July 2008

What a Week!

It's been one of those weeks! I came home on Monday and narrowly escaped my bedroom ceiling falling in on top of me thanks to a leak in the loft - what a mess! I managed (with the help of my good friends Dave & Andi) to cover the hole with plastic sheeting but my room each night is full of "flying things" and the plastic shakes in the wind. Needless to say, I've not had a lot of sleep but have been able to sit and craft at very unusual hours of the night!

This afternoon I went over to Crafts U Love to see Kim Fee's demonstration - she's so lovely and her cards are really gorgeous. Wendy Horrod was there too - I felt quite priviledged to sit with two such talented crafters. I bought some of the lovely papers that Kim was using, but I'm really saving my pennies for CUL's 2nd Birthday next Saturday when there's going to be loads of demos and new goodies. I even won £10 on the lottery to help towards my spends!


Justine said...

Hi June, sorry to hear about the loft, what a mess that must have been!! how awful!! Glad to hear that you are finding time to make cards though, you need that as therapy I suspect!!

I'll be at the CUL 2nd birthday do on Saturday, hope to see you there!
Justine x

Wendy Horrod said...

Hi June,

It was lovely to see you on Saturday looking so smiley. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday

Wendy x

Kim said...

Oh my you have had a

well I have left ya something on me bloggy come take a look!!!!