Sunday, 27 July 2008

CUL's Birthday Bash

What a fantastic day yesterday! Being "kids free" for the weekend I decided to spend most of Saturday at one of my very favourite places - CraftsULove! They were celebrating their 2nd Birthday and WOW did they put on a good time!

There were - as always - fantastic demonstrations by Kim Fee, Wendy Horrod, Helen Meighan, Stamping Caz and Paula Pascual. The sun shone, balloons were popping and Paula and everyone were running around like the proverbial blue **** fly but always with happy smiley faces.

I met up with my crafting buddies Sarah K, Sandra & Becca and we decided that we needed to refuel after sitting watching, talking and laughing (all in the name of crafting, of course!) so we popped off to the local public house for a very nice lunch in the sunshine and a damn good goss!

I need to unpack my purchases now and ooh and aah just a bit more....

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