Saturday, 24 September 2011

Crimson? Delights....

This is one of the latest flowers we made at Jane Gill's Floral Punch Craft classes at The Glitterpot    The flower is called Crimson Delight (we believe it maybe an Australian flower).    It's made from five different punches.    I can thoroughly recommend these classes, please don't think you couldn't possibly do it - we all started sometime and once you've got the bug for FPC there's no going back!

Oh!  and BTW - who said Crimson Delights HAVE to be crimson????   Poetic licence....


Julia Dunnit said...

They're really pretty - I like them in Crimson. And Purple. And probably every other colour!

Suzie Q said...

hi June,
really pretty cards x
hugs Suzie Qx
hope you are well x

Eunice said...

Very pretty June even more dissapointed now that I couldn't make the class.

Hope to see you soon.


Anonymous said...

you welcome there i love to comment on your blog i wanted to say your flower card is so beautiful i like your blog best of luck!

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