Sunday, 15 February 2009

Mojo No Show

It seems that a lot of crafters lose their mojo after the Christmas mayhem - mine seems to have disappeared completely and is refusing to come back - despite the promise of money, chocolate, wine and anything else I feel it could be tempted with. I have made a few cards but none of which have really got me excited enough to put on here. I've found myself trawling magazines for ideas which I know we all do from time to time but even these aren't really doing it for me. At this month's Balcombe Belles I made three cards from 9am-7pm! I now have two big orders for wedding place cards and a 30th birthday so please say a crafter's prayer or several for me over the next couple of weeks!

Here's a a few I've made, just to keep my blog alive and not disappear off the end of your favourite blog lists!

I've made some more which I'll try and add some time, hope you like these.


Treacle said...

They are lovely June.

I'll say a pray for the safe return of your mojo although i'm not holding out much hope as mine went missing a few months ago and has failed to return.

Maybe they went on holiday together rofl


Mrs Wonka said...

These are all great!

I'll do the prayer stuff for you to.

Z xxx