Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Hammer it home FC

Now my friend Paula I lurve her loads and loads, but she don't half set me some tricky challenges! "Here's my list of cards I want for Christmas - oh yeah, if you can involve West Ham in the one for (husband) Ian that would be great!

The papers I bought yonks ago - fortunately I bought several sheets because I lurve them at this time of year. The FC suit stamp was kindly lent to me by my mate SarahK. The West Ham shirt was donated by Mr. Google. Peel off (sack) and footballs from CUL.

It is a very "personal" Christmas card - not all pretty pretty, but I was quite pleased with the finished product.

Now back to "The Trees"!

1 comment:

Mrs Wonka said...

Wow what a challenge!!! You have made a fantastic job of it.

Z xxx