Monday, 13 October 2008

Staring at the bedroom ceiling.....

Finally, the decorators have moved in to sort out the huge hole in my bedroom ceiling! Last week the ceiling was fixed and replastered and now Steve the decorator has arrived to paint and decorate - hallelujah! I'd got so used to the gaping great hole that my room seems too quiet now!

So today, I'm off and plan to do some crafting - I've made a few cards lately. Birthdays mainly including one for my lovely brother. All my Christmas crafting stuff is out and all shiny and waiting to be used - I've only got about 100 cards to make.... and for those of you that know me - I never make two the same!

I'm off to my mate SarahK's on Wednesday evening and it's Balcombe Belles this Saturday so I'm gonna be busy. Lots of photos to come shortly but just thought I'd say hi! Have a good week everyonex

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