Monday, 1 September 2008

Treacle, SarahK and a bit of Oriental...

.... well we had a Chinese takeaway, but it had you going there for a few secs didn't it???
What a lovely way to spend a Saturday - watching the talented Helen Meighan demo at CUL, catching up with my crafty friends Kim Fee, SarahK, Treacle also at CUL, then back to mine for a Chinese takeaway and a bit of a Tilda fest!
'Lurve Tilda' - that's what I call her! I decoupaged her and then filled her hearts with red glaze. The wine one was with papers I bought at CUL and when the ribbon is untied it reveals the phrase 'Take Time to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life' - that's what I like to hear Wine/Simple... The other two were just some I made to go in the box - I don't always add words until I know who I'm going to send it to, so sometimes you may see a 'gap' waiting to be filled later.... (bit like my brain at times!)
Found all my Christmas bits yesterday - what a shame.... all my stamps are a bit boring so I may just have to go out and buy some new ones this year..... and it's CUL's Christmas "do" in a couple of weeks.... after pay day..... brain says "oh dear" - mouth says "hurrah"!!!!


Mrs Wonka said... have been busy, I love them all!
Mrs Wonka x

Wendy Horrod said...

Lovely cards Junie - really nice. Hope you had a fun takeaway.

Wendy xx

Sarah K said...

Love your cards and what a wonderful evening . Thanks Sarah

Kim said...

Lol you certainly had e going , I kept looking at the cards thinking i were going slighty mad!! Mmmm oriental, i can't see it... rofl

fabulous cards by the way as always... I lurves tilda too, though I have been neglecting her somewhat these days..

was great to see you too my friend..